How to Choose the Kind of Fencing for Your Homes?

There are a lot of options out there in market for house fences. Fences adds beauty and adds value to your property.If you are planning to install house fence, the first thing to consider is, why you need a house fence? Do you want your pets to be confined or do you want privacy and security? Or it’s just for giving extra value to your property?Do you want maintenance free fence or not?  In this article we will guide you in choosing best fence for your house, which meets your expectations and needs.

Wood Fencing: Wood fencing are very popular type of house fencing. This kind of fencing provides enough security and privacy to home owners and also it gives a natural look to your house. Wood fences height and width can be made according to ones needs and requirements. Wood fencing is strong enough to withstand different environment stresses and hence life lasting if properly maintained. The important thing to consider is the quality of wood. The price of these fences varies depending on the quality of wood, height and design. These fences require little maintenance.

Aluminum Fencing: If you want a nice, clean and attractive fence, but where security and privacy is not an issue, aluminum fencing is the best choice. These aluminum fences are not strong for security purpose. Mostly homeowners prefer this kind of fencing due to its maintenance free nature. It only requires paint after installation. Homeowners living in extreme climate should avoid using aluminum fencing, as it is not good weather resistant.The cost of this type of fencing is not too high.

Wrought Iron Fencing:When it comes to security and durability, iron fencing should be the first option. Iron fences are strong, durable and secure. These fences will give a traditional look to your property. These fences needs maintenance after regular intervals, i.e. after two or three years. Also extreme weather is its enemy, which cause iron to rust, so paint is required to give it a good and nice look. These fences cost you more than aluminum and wood fencing but gives your property more security and protection. These can be custom made, so homeowners can design their own house fence, but it will add to the total cost of fencing.

Vinyl Fencing:When it comes to elite fencing, vinyl fencing is the solution. Vinyl fencing gives an elegant, elite look to your property. These fences are also strong and maintenance free. The good thing about vinyl fence is, its resistant to paints and dirt, you can easily clean them with a wet cloth, as it gives you a new and clean look. Cost of these fencing is very high as compared to wood. Trained personnel are required to install these fences and it’s very difficult to install them personally.

Bamboo Fencing: This fencing type is new in the market. If you are an eco-friendly person and cares about earth climate, then this will be your option. Bamboo fencing gives a nice and unique look to your property. This type of fencing is not expensive and you can also install it by yourself.

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